LILLY PILLY merino Arya knit and organic linen skirtLILLY PILLY merino Arya knit and organic linen skirt
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Sustainably & ethically made Australian fashion label. Natural fibre clothing made of organic linen, cashmere, merino wool & silk.

LILLY PILLY Collection model wearing Kai organic linen dress in Navy
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LILLY PILLY organic linen pieces in Sunflower colour laid upon a fallen tree on the beach
Ethically and sustainably sourced 100% Organic linen clothing. Designed in Byron Bay, Australia
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We only use bluesign® certified silk for our luxurious tops, slips and camis
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LILLY PILLY uses 100% organic linen for its Organic Linen Collection, which is made from flax.LILLY PILLY uses 100% organic linen for its Organic Linen Collection, which is made from flax.


Born in the Byron Bay Hinterland, LILLY PILLY COLLECTION draws inspiration from the natural environment to create elegant and flattering women's clothing for our coastal lifestyle. All our clothing is made from the finest organic linen, pure silk, cashmere and merino wool. Designed in Australia, sustainably and ethically sourced and produced.

A little more about us

We love organic linen – our linen is beautiful on the skin, long-lasting, organic AND sustainable!

Linen is a natural textile made from a plant called flax. It uses considerably fewer resources than cotton or polyester (such as water, energy, pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers). Flax can grow in poor soil which is not used for food production. In some cases, it can even rehabilitate polluted soil. Flax plants also have a high rate of carbon absorption. For these reasons, linen is one of the most sustainable materials.

Linen is a breathable material that allows the skin to breathe and dries easily. Perfect for a climate that is warm and humid (aka Australia's coastal climate)

Linen clothes are durable and will not lose their shape over time, because its not elastic.

Being a textile made from a plant, Linen is biodegradable and will actually decompose in compost.

The processing & dying of our Organic linen is pesticide free, and non-toxic.

Silk is a naturally hypoallergenic fibre that won't irritate your skin. Silk is renowned for its lustre, shine, strength and durability.

Our silk is bluesign® certified. This means our clothing is free from harmful chemicals, meeting the high quality and durability standards, and made ethically and sustainably.

LILLY PILLY's pure silk clothing is designed with versatility and timeless style in mind. Our camis, slips, shirts and tank tops are thoughtfully created to be versatile, allowing them to be dressed up or down for all occasions creating timeless styles that transcend seasonal trends.

Cashmere is renowned for its exceptional softness and luxurious feel. It is made from the fine fibers found in the undercoat of cashmere goats, resulting in a fabric that is incredibly soft and gentle against the skin. Customers will appreciate the unparalleled comfort and indulgence of wearing our cashmere knitwear.

Despite its lightweight nature, cashmere provides exceptional insulation and superior warmth, making it an ideal choice for cold weather. The natural fibers trap air between them, creating a layer of warmth that keeps the body cozy and comfortable.
Cashmere has excellent breathability, allowing moisture to evaporate and keeping the body dry. Regulating temperature and preventing overheating. Whether worn during cooler or warmer months, your cashmere knitwear will help maintain a comfortable body climate.

Cashmere knitwear is known for its durability and longevity. With proper care, cashmere garments can last for many years, making them a valuable investment for customers.

Our merino wool comes from New Zealand and South Africa. One of the reasons that merino wool is so popular is its warmth relative to weight. The fabric has a natural loft that traps heat very efficiently between the fibres, making it warmer than a synthetic of the same weight. But it's also good in the heat, as merino regulates your body temperature really well.

LILLY PILLY COLLECTION was created by our founder Wendy Dunne in September 2021. After many years of working for some of the iconic Australian fashion labels, Wendy decided to move from Sydney to Byron Bay and create something that truly inspires her – timeless well thought designs made with natural fibres in a sustainable and ethical way.

Our brand name was inspired by the native plant Lilly Pilly that Wendy and her husband planted in their new home when they first
arrived Byron Bay. The nature of Lilly Pilly is what Wendy values in life and in business: Growing in a tough climate, evergreen & beautiful.